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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you schedule appointments? No, we do not schedule appointments for Urgent Care. Work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, laser treatments, and other certain services may be scheduled.

What is the normal wait time? We know life is crazy and waiting at the doctor’s office is not how you want to spend your time. Basin Immediate Care’s wait time depends on the amount of patients seeking care at our office at any given time and the seriousness of their condition. There is no time that is better than the other and we try our absolute best to get you in and out and back to your life. To minimize the wait time in our lobby, check in online and you’ll receive text message notification when your room is available.

What can be expected when I visit Basin Immediate Care? At Basin Immediate Care, you will visit with one of our skilled and experienced physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners who are well trained in treating your medical needs.

How much does it cost to have an office visit at Basin Immediate Care? The average cost for an office visit is approximately $255.00, but can be more or less depending on the complexity of the visit and if you are a new or established patient (seen within 3 years and 1 day). Labs, X-rays, and any other services will be an additional charge to the office visit.

What can I expect when I present to Basin Immediate Care? When you present to Basin Immediate Care, have your photo ID and insurance card in hand. We will complete the necessary registration paperwork and verify your insurance coverage before you see our provider. Our providers will give you the best care possible and make sure you understand your diagnosis and plan of treatment or care.

What forms of payment does Basin Immediate Care accept? Basin Immediate Care accepts all major credit cards. We may also be able to charge your HSA (Health Savings Account) if it has a credit card logo. Payment is due in full at the time of your visit. If you are experiencing financial hardship, certain accommodations can be made with management approval.

Can Basin Immediate Care be my primary care physician (PCP)? We get this request daily from patients visiting our clinic. Basin Immediate Care is a convenient alternative when you need urgent medical care for minor illnesses and injuries, however, Basin Immediate Care is not equipped to manage chronic conditions and/or medications as a Primary Care Physician would. It is in your health’s best interest to have a Primary Care Physician to treat your ongoing health care needs.

Can Basin Immediate Care refer me to the specialist / provider I need? Basin Immediate Care has many excellent business relationships with health care provider offices in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our experienced staff can quickly handle an appointment to another provider and notify you of the appointment details.

When should I go to the emergency room? Although Basin Immediate Care is equipped to handle most illnesses and injuries, we are not a substitute for hospital care in emergency situations.  If you are experiencing chest pains, uncontrolled bleeding, opened fractures, poisoning, constant vomiting, serious breathing problems, or any situation you deem life or limb threatening, please call 911 immediately.